MAC Makeup Classes

MAC makeup classes are a must if  you’re thinking about becoming a MAC makeup artist….and who wouldn’t want to be? MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics.  The company was founded in 1984 by two men named Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo.  Their company began at that time in Toronto, Canada.  The first United States store did not open up until 1991 however and that was in Greenwich Village, NY.  At first, these makeup products were only sold to professionals, but now they are sold retail all over the world.  Unfortunately the founder, Frank Angelo passed away in 1998 and Estee Lauder, another popular makeup manufacturer took over the company.

Putting on makeup is a real skill and it takes talent to do.  You may be looking for MAC makeup classes for personal reasons and that is just fine.  We all want to look great and who would love to say they’ve been professionally taught?  Others, though like cosmetology professionals, may wish to take these classes to add to their resume.  Attending these classes will for sure only help further your education and advance your skills in the area of applying makeup.

MAC Makeup ClassesCurrently MAC offers it’s makeup classes at location in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.  The classes last about six months and students will learn everything from the basics of applying foundation and eyeliner to the more advanced techniques of preparing a runway model for showtime.  They’ve become the leader in the makeup industry and you’re sure to learn a great deal.

There are some pretty good benefits to being a MAC student, too.  Once signed up, you’ll be getting some awesome discounts on all cosmetic products, a student makeup kit, an all access pass to the MAC Pro website and access to other cool events as well.  It’s definitely got it’s perks and some people may just join for those things alone and why not?  If you are truly interested in attending these classes, there are some things you’ll need to do first.  Step one would be to get some proof of your enrollment in a MAC participating school or educational institute.  After that’s taken care of, you’ll have to fill out a pretty length application and send that in to the school along with a ten dollar processing application fee, which is not that much considering the cost other schools charge.  MAC makeup classes will definitely look great on your resume, so why not get started today?


MAC Cosmetics Jobs

Are you looking for MAC cosmetic jobs in your area?  Lots of people are actually.  MAC is an awesome company to be affiliated with.  Besides that it’s a very reputable company with a great track record.  It’s a business you can be proud to be associated with.  Before you go looking to get employed by them though, have you made sure you attended the MAC makeup classes that are available at their schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom?  That would definitely be a pre-requisite before you go job hunting.  You’re most likely to get turned down and disappointed if you are called in for an actual interview and don’t have that to show on your resume.

MAC Eyeshadow PaletteIf you have a true interest in the cosmetology industry, then MAC is definitely a makeup artist school that you’ll want to consider.  In case you didn’t know, MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics and was founded in 1984.  So they’ve been around for quite some time now, 27 years to be exact.  One of it’s co-founders unfortunately passed away and has since been taken over by the beauty giant, Estee Lauder and who doesn’t know or hasn’t heard of Estee Lauder?  You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have.  Let us just clarify though that there are many MAC cosmetic jobs that most likely will not require a formal education in cosmetology.  These types of jobs would be jobs such as working at the cosmetic counters in malls, etc.  Working one of these entry level jobs is a great way to actually get your career in makeup artistry started.

When you work behind a MAC makeup counter at say a mall, you will most likely find your job very rewarding while at the same time you will be getting hands on experience that is vital to your self confidence.  It’s one thing to apply your own makeup, lip gloss, eyeliner, etc., but it’s a whole other thing when you have to do it on someone else.  You will be required to perform beauty makeovers for potential buyers and customers.  You will actually have to apply the MAC cosmetics and demonstrate to them the quality of the products.  While providing these free in store beauty consultations, per say, you are advertising for the company.  While you are putting on their makeup, you will be talking to them and explaining to them all about the various types of makeup and skin care products.  So, it goes without saying that you will have to do some reading up and studying on MAC’s beauty line.

Stay tuned for up to the minute real-time MAC cosmetic jobs that we will be posting directly to our site for your added convenience.

MAC Makeup Classes and Training Schools

If you’re looking for MAC Makeup classes, that’s awesome.  As we’ve noted their training classes are available at several different MAC makeup schools all over the U.S., U.K., and Canada.  A quick search online will bring up the official site and let you know all about each school specifically.  If you’re considering a career in the makeup industry, which is an awesome consideration, by the way, MAC schools are basically the best you can get into.  Once there you will be trained in such subjects as makeup artistry, professional skin care,  and more.  You will be prepared once finished with these classes to perform several jobs, including but not limited to, cosmetologist, skin care specialist, and you will also be certified to work behind MAC’s makeup counters at mall all over the world where you will perform cosmetic makeovers, give customers MAC makeup tips, and more.

MAC Makeup Classes Use Plush Black MascaraThe options that you will have available to you after attending MAC makeup classes are basically limitless.  You might even go on to open up your own beauty business.  Can’t you just image it now?  A cute little downtown or uptown shop on the corner boasting your name along with that MAC certification diploma hanging neatly framed on the wall right next to your first $100 bill!  You have to set your sights high if you ever want to go somewhere in this life.  Don’t just dream and image, get to it and do it and this is your first step in the process.

You’ve taken the first step and that is research.  I can not stress how important research is first.  You need to get all the facts straight.  Where are the classes?  How long do they last for?  How much are the training classes going to cost you?  Will it all be worth it?  Are you going to be able to afford them?  Can you get financial assistance?  Do they offer job placement services after you get certified?  All of these questions are ones to definitely ponder before you just jump in head first.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more detailed information on exactly where you can find MAC makeup classes and training schools.