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Where to Find Mac Makeup Lessons

Are you looking for Mac Makeup lessons? If you are a fan of the MAC cosmetics line but not sure how to apply or just do not feel like you’re doing it correctly, lessons can help you become more competent. In addition, MAC make up lessons can show you the various foundations and colors and how these can give you a smother and more natural look. These lessons are also private and taught by professionals so that what you learn you can quickly apply to your daily routine.

You can find MAC makeup lessons at the actual MAC stores, which is often in a department store’s cosmetics area. The session will last approximately 90 minutes and the cost is about $110. Of course, it helps to have an idea of what you want to focus on as the lessons can be tailored to you. This might have to do with applying mac makeup in general or perhaps you need more help with colors – if you know what you struggle with, it will help the artist to give you the best tips and advice.

The reason women love the MAC cosmetic line is due to the variety of colors, but this can also cause confusion since even if red is your favorite color, it may not be something that flatters your skin tone. When you arrive for your lesson, the first thing the instructor will do is match your skin tone so that you know the proper colors you should wear to make you look your best.

You will also be in front of a mirror during the application so that you can learn how to put on the various products correctly, such as powder foundation, lipstick application, mascara, and eye shadows. By the time the session is over, you will learn how to apply powder and foundation that is able to contour your face, which will highlight your face’s bone structure and cause your face to look slimmer. Learning makeup tricks such as these are invaluable and you end up looking more natural without a caked on look that is often the case when women do not know how to apply their makeup correctly. Lastly, you may be given some free products as well as discount coupons for your next visit.

MAC Makeup Courses for the Professional Makeup Artist

Do you want to work among the industries best? MAC Makeup artists have become the leaders in the industry. The path is structured and rigid in requirements. Only people who have attended schools that are approved and accredited by MAC Pro are eligible to apply for membership in the MAC Pro Professionals. Only after they are accredited by MAC Pro can they teach MAC makeup courses. A second career in this field is to work at a makeup counter that carries MAC products or Estee Lauder products. Estee Lauder acquired the MAC makeup line in the ’90s and offers positions around the world. These stores do not hire untrained people. If you are considering a career with MAC Makeup as even a Sr. Artist you may need to be flexible about world travel and job location.

You must have cosmetology training of some sort to even apply for a job at a store that carries MAC and Estee Lauder products. If you intend to move up from your career at a counter then it’s best to attend a school that is accredited by MAC Pros. Some store counter positions do provide advanced training in makeup artistry but only at select locations in North America.

To find a list of accredited schools it’s best to visit the MAC Pro site which provides a list of accredited schools in every state in the United States and Canada. While all schools that are accredited teach makeup artistry, they also teach other beauty courses as well. Not all schools are accredited for MAC Makeup courses. This is very important. Imagine your disappointment if you spend the time and effort to train and build a portfolio only to find the academy you attended was not accredited and you are not eligible to apply to be a MAC Pro.

MAC Makeup Brush KitTuition and length of time varies from academy to academy, so shop around. Some schools and academies offer help with financial assistance in the way of pointing you toward sources where you can apply for funding. If you are interested in a MAC Makeup career, what you’re really after is a media makeup course. These academies and studios focus specifically on giving you the experience you need to apply to become a MAC professional. You’ll be working on sets, with celebrities and building your portfolio.

Again it’s very important that you investigate the differences in the schools, their curriculum, what they provide, how you can fund, and the difference in fees, specialization opportunities, and job opportunities after you graduate. Schools require that you purchase a professional airbrush makeup kit and sometimes require that you have had some other cosmetology experience. This is a career path, not an overnight get rich quick opportunity. MAC makeup courses are for those aspiring to work among the very best makeup artists in the country.

MAC Makeup professionals work in many industries. When you become one of their members you are working among the very best artists. MAC pros provide makeup artistry for weddings, stage, television, celebrities, graphics, advertising, magazines, and any other field where makeup expertise and true artistry is required.

MAC Makeup Classes & Schools

MAC makeup classes can be attended at a numerous amount of schools nationwide.  Currently, as we’ve stated their schools are based primarily in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, but soon I’m sure they will offer them in even more locations worldwide, perhaps South Africa maybe?  Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see, right?  Some very well known names are partnering with the famous makeup company lately to showcase their incredible products that bespeak sheer quality and elegance.  Ever heard of Nicki Minaj?  If you haven’t you must have been living under a rock for the last year or so now.  She’s one of hip-hop’s latest greatest hits.  She boasts a unique style both in the fashion sense and in the musical sense.  Well, she has paired up with MAC like we said and they have devoted an entire lipstick to her.  What’s it called?  Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday lipstick.  Yep, it’s pink alright, like Barbie pink and after all that is her nickname, Barbie and the name of her debut album is Pink Friday, so go figure.  We here at MAC makeup classes think it’s awesome and hope to see more celebrities pair up with the company that was taken over by Estee Lauder quite some time ago.

MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga LipstickNow while on the topic of celebs involved with the organization, what about Lady Gaga herself?  Don’t tell me you haven’t seen or didn’t know?  Has the diva herself taken MAC makeup classes?  I don’t think so, but she is a perfect beauty icon to showcase their cosmetics.  So much so, her face is what you’ll find on their home page, wow!  Her and Miss Cyndi Lauper, remember her?  Well, they are both involved what is being called, “Viva Glam.”  They’ve made a hot new shade of lip gloss and lipstick in her honor and get this – every red cent from the sales of those products are going to benefit the MAC Aids Fund.  That is simply purely awesome!  Talk about getting involved.  You go Lady Gaga and MAC.

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